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At Insights, we have more than 25 years of experience providing our clients with clarity and advantage through diligent, professional market research! To get a good idea of the breadth and depth of our projects, have a look at the sort of work that we have done for a few of our long term clients: Libro, Roxul, Sobeys, and Union Gas.

In conjunction with our Quebec partners, we offer our clients – most of whom are national and international companies –  thoughtfully designed quantitative and qualitative research that provides and interprets ‘voice of customer‘ input from across Canada. We take pride in our ability to distill relevant and actionable data, with attention to detail and a personal focus on our clients. Terry Green is your resource for conducting projects, end to end!

Terry Green, your contact for projects

Terry Green, founder and owner of Insights, has been enthusiastically delivering high quality research to Insights’ clients for more than 25 years and has the credentials to complement her experience. She has conducted more than 1,500 focus group and in excess of 500 quantitative studies with objectives both strategic to tactical, on topics ranging from financial services to grocery shopping, animal pharmaceuticals to income tax preparation, and snow scrapers to insulation. Terry’s clients are impressed with her ability to quickly grasp their industry, scope out their projects and recommend the most cost effective way of employing research to further their business objectives.

“Thank you, Terry, for your extraordinary dedication, competence and hard work in putting together our survey. From our first meeting we were struck by your insight and determination to ensure that we obtain solid information that we could act on.”

“Terry is the most skilled focus group facilitator you are likely to meet and exceptionally good at asking tough clarifying questions. Insights is well experienced in both qualitative and quantitative projects and Terry has been a pleasure to work with.”

“I just want to thank you, Terry, for your terrific work! You clearly understood what we are trying to do, and it was a treat to watch you lead the focus groups. Most importantly, you were able to crystallize specific themes that we can now focus our attention on. There is a lot more work to be done and I am sure we will have the opportunity to work with you on the next phase of the project.”

If you have a project that you think that Insights may be able to help you with, take a look at how we work and, if you think there is a fit, get in touch with Terry to arrange a chat!
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Terry  is a Certified Marketing Research Professional and trained focus group moderator (RIVA certification). An MBA and six years of teaching experience at the Ivey School of Business round out Terry’s resume. She is a member of the Canadian Marketing research and Intelligence Association and the Qualitative Research Consultants Association.

How we work

Understanding our client and the purpose of the project
The first step in any research project is to reach a mutual understanding of why the project is being done – what the client needs to know, why they need to know it, and how the information that they gain will influence their actions. Ideally, prospective clients come to us with a clear idea of the objectives of their project.

Qualifying the research investment
Once we understand the goal and scope of the project, Insights provides a proposal that recommends the best methodology, whether it be an online or telephone survey, focus groups, depth interviews or a combination. At this point we also include cost and a timeline. We rarely do a project for less than $5-10,000; most projects are in the $15-30,000 range and some exceed $50,000. It is important for the client to assess whether the research will be a worthwhile investment for them, prior to proceeding.

Conducting the research
Once we receive a green light, we get to work designing the study. The client is very much in the loop as we develop the questionnaires for our surveys or the discussion guides for our qualitative projects. We look for their approval on these documents before we actually begin our fieldwork.

Terry Green, President, oversees all projects; she is responsible for research design and reporting, and has a hands-on role developing questionnaires and moderating focus groups. As the lead researcher for our projects, she works with other Insights’ team members to bring each project to a successful conclusion.

Kathy Sorensen, Field Director, manages our call centre and focus group facility, and works to keep our qualitative projects on track across the country.

Chris MacNeil wears two hats, as Office Manager and Data Analyst. She keeps a watchful eye on all survey projects and does our in-house data crunching.

In some cases, clients let us know that a short summary report will meet their needs, while others go ‘the whole nine yards‘, requesting a full report – typically in Power Point format – and personal presentation of results. We work hard to ensure that the research results are communicated in a user friendly and actionable format, and receive great feedback on our reports and presentations.

Libro case study

Libro Financial Group is Insights‘ poster-child for extraordinary brand management, and we are proud to provide the research that fuels strategic development of the brand and takes the pulse of how it is performing. Insights has worked in partnership with Libro for over 25 years, providing qualitative and quantitative research to support them as they strive to become Southwestern Ontario‘s preferred source for quality financial services.

Way back in 1951 Libro began as St. Willibrord, a Credit Union with Dutch roots that provided basic banking services, largely to rural areas. In the 90s, Libro set aggressive growth targets and decided to go head-to-head with the Big Banks in Southwestern Ontario. The company set an ambitious goal again in 2006, when Libro rebranded, and “took the Saint out of St. Willibrord”.

Libro‘s brand is regarded internally as a key strategic priority. The brand strategy  – Own Your Life – encompasses internal and external expression of the brand positioning, and Libro has identified clear corporate standards for consistent delivery of the brand promise (right down to how quickly the phone must be answered!). Libro measures their performance against these guidelines, and Insights‘ research provides many of the metrics involved in that evaluation.

Insights’ survey says: Owners rate satisfaction with Libro at 4.7 out of 5!

In 2012 alone, the research that Insights conducted for Libro included our annual telephone surveys to track impressions held by the general public and satisfaction on the part of owners (at Libro you are not just a customer or member, you are an owner!), online surveys of employees and the Board, and exploratory focus group research to investigate a new market opportunity.

Insights is thrilled to play a part in Libro‘s growth and success!

Roxul case study

Before Insights began working with Roxul, we were like most people. We thought insulation was just insulation. Who knew that Roxul‘s stone wool products offered such distinct advantages from other brands? Roxul is our proof that the even the most unlikely topics can make for fascinating projects, especially when the client is ambitious and passionate about their business.

Roxul Inc is the Canadian subsidiary of Rockwool International, the world’s largest producer of stone wool insulation. We were introduced to Roxul by adHOME, their full-service marketing communication company (and a long-time partner of Insights). Together, adHOME and Insights have worked with Roxul towards making the company a household name in insulation.

Subsequently, we have continued to support Roxul and adHOME with ongoing tracking studies to measure brand awareness, and specific projects such as testing of new packaging options. Insights‘ work has moved beyond Roxul‘s consumer market and we recently conducted a fascinating set of depth interviews with architects and specifiers, further informing Roxul‘s approach to this audience.

Things are going well for Roxul. In June of 2012, the company’s President announced plans to construct their first U.S. manufacturing facility, saying, “Roxul has continued to experience double-digit sales growth throughout North America and the new facility will ensure we can meet our customers’ growing demands.” name in insulation.

It has been Insights’ privilege to collaborate with adHOME and Roxul, and thereby contribute to a success story that continues to unfold.

Sobeys case study

FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!!  Over the past five years we have been immersed in this wonderful world, completing more than thirty distinct research projects for Sobeys. We have engaged with thousands of Canadians, talking about food and grocery shopping and feeling their emotion as they tell us about buying and preparing food for those they love. 

Insights‘ research has informed strategic direction for the Sobeys stores, complete with assessment of new prototype stores, and has encompassed the more rural Foodland stores, the Urban Fresh stores in Toronto‘s downtown core, and Thrifty Foods in BC. We have conducted studies designed to hone in on specific departments such as meat and bakery, and have worked with Sobeys to improve their Inspired magazine. Our toolkit has included online and telephone surveys, focus groups and interviews, and personally walking the aisles of stores with customers … and our work has taken us from Victoria to Corner Brook.

Our participation in the creation of FreshCo. stands out as one of our most memorable contributions in our work with Sobeys.

In 2009, Sobeys undertook the mission of making their discount banner, Price Chopper, more contemporary and competitive. In initial Insights research, shoppers told us that they felt  they had to trade off freshness and a pleasant shopping experience in order to save. Sobeys‘ commitment to improving Price Chopper evolved from a re-branding to a complete re-invention of the discount grocery shopping experience. FreshCo. has been built on the platform of ‘Discount done right’ – lower prices coupled with quality fresh product, great variety and an up-to-date store environment.

We worked closely with the FreshCo. development team as the new store was created, testing concepts, brand identity, product, and launch communications. Everything about the FreshCo. offering was put under the microscope: the name, colours, storefront design, store layout, product array and display, signage, staff uniforms, and grocery bags. We provided consumer input throughout. After the launch of the first store in mid-2010, and during the rollout as more and more Price Choppers are converted, Insights has continued our research, to evaluate reaction to the stores and to fine tune the communication programs.

Union Gas case study

Union Gas is a sentimental favourite at Insights; they were our first major client when we opened our doors more than 25 years ago! We have proudly continued to work with the company, and have watched the nature of our projects change in concert with the evolving energy industry. 

Recently, Insights has been conducting research for the energy conservation initiatives that Union Gas offers through its Affordable Housing Conservation Program. The Helping Homes Conserve for Single Family Homes component of this program is directed at low income homeowners, and enables them to implement selected energy conservation measures in their homes at no cost to them. Insights was asked to gather information that would help Union Gas to better engage this target consumer. The assignment was challenging, because low income homeowners can be difficult to identify. We realized that they might not even self-identify as low income or in need of assistance!

Rather than reaching out to these homeowners directly, we conducted depth interviews with agencies that work with low income homeowners, across Union Gas‘ franchise area. We were amazed by the co-operation that we received, the great work that these agencies are doing, and the wealth of information that we were able to gather based on their front line experience.

A year after completion of our research, the number of single family homes that had received assistance from Union Gas had expanded dramatically, as had the geographic reach of the initiative. In 2012, our research was expanded to address the Prescriptive & Custom Measures for Multi-Family Buildings portion of Union Gas’s Affordable Housing Conservation Program, which is directed at social housing.

We are grateful to Union for involving us in the development of programs that make such a positive difference in the lives of Ontarians!